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Godínez is a village in the municipality of San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá, which is located 110 Km. from Guatemala City, with the height of 1,600 ms/nm. The weather is cold. Its population is approximately 90% Kaqchikel. The number of inhabitants is 750 people and has surrounding communities.


In 1999 in Godínez, el Instituto Nacional de Educación Básica de Telesecundaria was founded. It is the product of a dream, bringing education to where it has never existed; a community of very few economic resources and little access to transportation that now possess a place where their young people can be educated and are eligible for a high-level public education. This educational project was born from the efforts of Professor Austreberto Velásquez Díaz, also known as “El Profe Beto”, who continues to travel every day in bus, leaving at 6:00 am from his town to be able to get to the town of Godínez by 7:00 am to teach students.


Before 1999 there was no secondary education in the rural areas, this level of education was only found in urban areas and large towns that are many kilometers away… places where their economic situation prevented them from going.



El Instituto Nacional de Educación Básica de Telesecundaria is made up of students who are between the ages of 12 and 15. The student body consists of 115 enrolled students and 5 teachers for the year 2016.



It has been 16 years since the creation of this education center. Today the school provides education for 15 communities in other municipalities around Lake Atitlán. We have worked side by side with the parents of the families, the students, and the teachers to get financial assistance for this institute to function and to give the students and integral education.


We are aware that the betterment of the community can only be obtained through EDUCATION. This can lead the community to intellectual, economic, and social development; it gives them a better vision of life, and they can discover their abilities, dreams, and talents. The young people have the intellectual potential; they’re only lacking direction and guidance. This program allows them to discover those talents in the arts, in sports, in the practice of a foreign language (English), and to get to know who they are as a person; to achieve this we need specialized teachers to work with the students.


Our students are from rural areas; with very little opportunities to enroll in schools of music, sports, arts, or English. In order to do so they would have to travel far away and pay for local housing, food, school, and travel costs, etc. Naturally a family with a father who is an agricultural worker cannot produce more than the daily sustenance especially with the droughts, contamination from chemicals, corruption, diseases, etc., and an education of the arts and physical education is unreachable.  However, we have an idea, a plan.



Born from the need to give young people a sense of belonging, to seek to grow as people and maintain their identities in this globalized world, this project seeks to use the student’s minds for something constructive with wholesome entertainment that allows the development of their skills and capabilities.


For this reason we are looking for people with generous hearts that can help by contributing even $10.00 monthly to pay the salaries of 4 teachers who collaborate with us, working in practical areas that el Ministerio de Educación Nacional does not cover, this areas are:

a. Music & Singing

b. English

c. Vocational Guidance

d. Physical

The project “Amigos del Profe Beto” seeks to mitigate in part the struggles of parents and their children who have to move to the capital to receive a comprehensive education; it seeks to utilize and enhance what the school offers in their own community and encourage the discovery of talents, the development of values, and expand knowledge through a new language (English).

This program benefits the young who do not know the world or what lies beyond their communities by covering the areas that the government will not because of the many limitations of public education. We seek to use art to find motivation and a way of life, and learning the English language allows them to meet and communicate with people that come to see the natural wonders that Guatemala has.



Discover talents and develop skills in students, so they can grow in their own culture ensuring a comprehensive growth.



Convert el Instituto Nacional de Educación Básica de Telesecundaria into a place where the young people discover art, a new language, & sports: all in their communities and for free; where the student will be the fundamental requirement for this project; seeking to strengthen their skills and talents thus achieving a better standard of living with ethical, civic, and moral values.



a. General:

Promote the process of a comprehensive secondary education in Godínez; through the inclusion of the arts that allows them to discover talents and maintain their culture.

b. Specifics:

i. To integrate art so that the youth will be able to discover their physical talents and maintain good health and to stay away from vices and gangs.

ii. To learn the English language to enable them to cover new fields and be competitive.

iii. Maintain the multiculturalism of the indigenous towns.

iv. Schedule activities for beneficiaries / sponsors to get to know our community and the students of the program.



a. Respect

b. Truth

c. Justice

d. Freedom

e. Responsibility

f. Obedience

g. Discipline



All students who are legally registered in the corresponding school year; students who are mostly Kaqchikeles with a desire to excel.



Manage with honesty, fairness, and equity the financial aid received to pay the salaries for the teachers of Physical Education, Music, Singing, English, and Vocational Training.


  • Always show our gratitude to the “Amigos del Profe Beto”.

  • Offer a prayer to Jesus the “amigo” of our benefactor



a. Director of the project:

              - Select professional teachers.

              - Provide annual contracts.

              - Prepare the teaching schedule.

              - Suggest cultural events.

              - Develop standards of responsibility.

b. Secretary:

              - Prepare lists of students per level.

              - Develop a record of the grades of the students.

              - Use the cashbook.

              - Payment of the monthly salaries of teachers.

              - Use receipts as sole proof.

c. Teachers:

              - Bimonthly planning of educational activities.

              - Deliver bimonthly performance reports to the secretary.

              - Form groups of students to present events.

              - Prepare performance reports for the parents.

d. Parents:

              - Collaborate with teachers for planned activities.

              - Attend regular meetings about academic performance.

              - To support children in cultural events.

              - Visit the teacher when desired.

e.  Students:

              - Attend scheduled classes.

              - Always show responsibility and punctuality with the teacher.

              - Gladly demonstrate their skills and talents when required.

              - Be disciplined at all times.

f. Internation Liason (Volunteer Position)

    - Assit with communication between the countries with translation



a. Administrative staff:



b. Staff:

Teacher/ Music and Singing

Teacher/ Vocational Training

Teacher/ English

Teacher/ Physical Education

c. Costs of maintenance:

Buying basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, sportswear, & musical instruments.

Buying English books (copies)

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